Complex statistical analysis and modeling

Complex statistical analysis and modeling

The statistical consulting team at The Statistical Agency has a track record of helping research scholars with both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. 
Complex statistical analysis and modeling
Our statistical consultants have worked on a wide array of research topics. They can provide full-fledged support to the researchers with the use of statistical tools and interpretation of results. Candidates also get assistance in the formulation of hypothesis and in applying various appropriate tests as per the data characteristics. The professionals are also versed with the statistical software’s, like SPSS, AMOS, EXCEL.
Our consultants have worked with scholars and researchers from different fields of study and we can work with you irrespective of your geographical location. What sets us apart is the strength of our statistical consulting team to work on complex problems that require advance statistical methodologies and data analysis techniques.
Our statisticians will make sure that you understand all statistical analyses that we do for you and that you are fully prepared to explain and defend your analysis. In addition, we provide ample online and email support, and work with you until you successfully complete your thesis or research project.
Statistical Consultants at The Statistical Agency are highly committed to the success of each scholar or researcher who hires us. Mostly scholars and researchers contact us for data analysis services to help them achieve the objectives of their research project. Our first step is to fully understand your research requirements. We then determine the best statistical method to achieve the research objectives, given the type and amount of data available. Alternately, if you don’t have relevant data, our first step is to create an optimal methodology to collect the needed data.
We strongly believe that our Statistical Consulting team can help you demystify the process of analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. Our statisticians can provide consultation on a variety of advance statistical methods such as: categorical data analysis, functional data analysis, logistic regression analysis, generalized estimating equations, fixed-effects models, principal component analysis, discriminant analysis, hierarchical linear models, structural equation models, and many other.


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Statistische Beratung und Datenanalyse Leonardo Miljko gew.
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