Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Statistical Analysis & Reporting

At The Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services we offer quality statistical consultancy during the entire lifespan of a clinical trial or veterinary study.
 We take a proactive approach to the statistical analysis and reporting aspects, beginning the work as early as possible thus allowing us to provide you with high quality results in a timely fashion.   
Services that we offer include:
- Programming of statistical analysis.
- Programming of tables, figures and listings.
- Creation of the statistical report – providing you with expert guidance in interpreting the results.
- Statistical input into the Clinical Study Report (CSR).
- Ongoing support during the lifespan of a clinical trial or veterinary study – including ad hoc statistical advice, support for interim analyses and support for Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs).
If you prefer to do the work yourself then we can provide independent quality control of the above to give you that all important peace of mind.  Further checks that we offer include:
Acceptance checks for statistical analyses and other tables, figures and listings.
Consistency check of the statistical report and/or Clinical Study Report (CSR) compared to the statistical analyses, tables, figures and listings.
In addition to this, we are also experienced with overseeing and managing Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) on complex studies, ensuring that they meet the required timelines and standards.


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Statistische Beratung und Datenanalyse Leonardo Miljko gew.
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